Creating Cakes

All template files are in .toml format, which are easy to edit and share with others.

Cake Metadata

Cake metadata consists of only two properties :-

  • name :- The name of the cake
  • description :- The description of the cake


name = "cakecutter"
description = "A cool description"

Folding the Batter

Batter are the commands which are run before creating all the files.

1 = [
  "git init", "true"
2 = [
  "go mod init", "true"

The reason true is there is because it tells cakecutter to run this, its needs to be there, or else the command won’t be invoked. Head to Advanced Usage section for more information.

File Structure

To create a file/directory put the it’s name in [filestructure] table as the key with the value true

"main.go" = "true"
"bin/" = "true" # << To create a directory put / in the end

The value true tells cakecutter to create this; if the value does not contain true it won’t create the file/dir. The reason it’s like this is because of dynamic filestructure. While creating the template, cakecutter will ask some questions configured by the cake author, based on their answers, the files are created. To configure questions head to Advanced Usage section.## File Content

To add content to a file, put its name in [content] table as the key with its contents as the value

"main.go" = '''
package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
  fmt.Println("Hi mom")

Note: You can use multiline strings using 3 quotes """ """

Dynamic content is also possible by templating. head to Advanced Usage section for more information.

Sprinkling some toppings

Toppings are just like batter, but instead of running before everything, they are run after everything to complete the setup.

1 = [
  "go mod init", "true"
2 = [
  "go build -o bin/cakecutter.exe" = "true"

Finishing off

The cake is done, save the file , and run

cc local <path-to-the-file.toml> <directory>

directory is the name of directory where the template will be created

The template should be created in that directory.

Head to How to publish a cake section if you wanna publish this cake for everyone’s use.