πŸ‘€ What is Cakecutter?

Sometimes, the most difficult thing is to just get started with a project. Cakecutter is a tool that helps you to cut the cake and start your amazing project instantly.

What Cakecutter does:

  • Users can publish, create or use a cake from Cakes are basically TOML files which contain all the information needed to create a project.
  • According to the information in the Cakefile, Cakecutter will create all the files and (you can also fill them with content) in the correct location.
  • Setup commands (installing dependencies, etc) can be defined in the Cakefile. These commands are run after the files are generated.
  • Cakecutter can ask questions to the user and take input. The input can then be used as variables for the project template. Read the docs here